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passionate about preserving our environment and reducing our footprint

Korthuis Tree Care was founded with the vision to see communities in and around Lethbridge AB beautified, one tree at a time.

The Korthuis Tree Care team is passionate about:

  • preserving the environment
  • reducing our footprint
  • literally growing our surrounding community

Korthuis Tree care is not just another "tree business". We are tree connoisseurs who educate and advise our clients about the benefits of proper practices and techniques, as per the ISA's code of ethics and guidelines.

We are a highly specialized team of professional, ethical, and sustainable Arborists who provide:

  • tree pruning
  • tree trimming
  • tree planting
  • tree removal
  • stump grinding
  • emergency storm damage response services.

We are highly experienced team who are personally trained and led by ISA certified arborist Johnny Korthuis. You can trust to have the right solution for your specific tree care needs. If consulting services are required, by all means inquire. Our commercial and public services are suitable for almost any task.

Korthuis Tree Care has earned a reputation as a highly respected and trusted company in the field of Arboriculture in and around the Lethbridge, Coalhurst, Coaldale, Picture Butte, Taber, and the surrounding Southern Alberta area.

When you choose Korthuis Tree Care, you can always expect to receive honest quotes and professional service that meets the high standards set out by the ISA.

You will always receive friendly, and quick service with a smile. Call us (403-915-7000) or fill in the form below to contact us anytime!

Johnny Korthuis,

Owner, ISA Certified Arborist,
11 years experience

John Korthuis Sr.,

12 years experience

Cory Baines

Foreman, Climber
3 Years Experience

Jon Dewling,

Apprentice to Johnny
2 Years Experience

Mike Cameron,

Apprentice to Johnny
1st Year

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Korthuis Tree Care is an elite arboriculture company that since inception in 2007 has grown to become a sought after tree expert company, that continues to service contracts in over a dozen communities in the surrounding area. ISA certified arborist, ISA member, and owner Johnny J Korthuis and his father John have maintained the company’s respected reputation by holding fast to their mission statements number one goal; To provide the absolute highest degree of customer satisfaction possible, by adhering to the utmost of quality in work practice and customer relations.

The hands on approach that Johnny maintains with the company and its dealings insures that his professional touch is applied to every client, potential or otherwise. All employees have been hand picked and personally trained. Every customer speaks to a human being. KTC’s attention to customer service and focus on sustainable tree care has grown the company’s client base, positive reputation, and notoriety in the community over the years. Due to this all or nothing approach, Johnny and the company enjoy a high level of publicity. KTC has been featured on all three major news stations, and is a reoccurring mention in the print and online media alike.

With hundreds of contracts signed and completed each year, consistency is notably one of the companies most valuable assets. The industry is a challenging one in which you must assume a great deal of risk. KTC has continued to grow steadily throughout the economic challenges that most businesses have faced in the near past. After increasing personnel, clearing of all company debt, and displaying their highest grossing year to date, KTC has attracted the attention of some of the regions highly educated and respected professionals. City officials, parks planners, Mayors, horticulturists, land developers, and even competition have on many occasions remarked on the ability and skill KTC
and their people possess.

Continued education, training, and company development are paramount. Having practiced arboriculture in many different environments including; the western provinces and coast, north western and southern most states, as well as eastern Australia. Johnny brings new skills and knowledge back home to KTC regularly. Continuing to learn and adapt are important contributors to the continued success and growth of the company. All personnel attend industry training seminars and are supplied with constant updates on the ISA’s approved practices and code of ethics, so as to keep raising the bar from day to day and month to month.

View Johnny’s ISA Certification (Filetype:pdf)